28 May, 2018 - New Databases of Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project are Available

The new databases of the HAS Centre for Social Sciences's Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project are available and downloadable after a free registration from January 2016 in http://cap.tk.mta.hu/en/dataoverview.

The project supported by Hungarian Scientific Research Fund publishes datas about sources of Hungarian politics and public policy containing codes of public policy areas and dozens of other variables. We have enhanced our database by historical data as well as by data regarding the 2014-2018 electoral cycle. We have also started to investigate the executive agenda. Thus these new database are available:

Laws (1790-2018)
Interpellations (1949-2018)
Media (Cover of Népszabadság 1990-2014)
Decrees (1990-2018)
Prime Ministers' Speech (1990-2014)
Most Important Policy Topics of Public Agenda (2004-2010, 2013-2014, 2017-2018)

Questions about the project should be directed to Zsolt Boda Principal Investigator (boda.zsolt@tk.mta.hu) and Miklós Sebők Research Director (sebok.miklos@tk.mta.hu).