17 May, 2018 - Presentations of Hungarian CAP Team at 11th Annual CAP Conference

On 4-6 June, six researchers of Hungarian CAP Team will present their paper at 11th Annual CAP Conference. The conference will take place at the University of Amsterdam.

Sebők Miklós - Mészáros Evelin: A machine learning solutions for assigning CAP codes in large-scale textual databases

M. Balázs Ágnes: Impact of Party System Change on Correlation Between Party Manifestoes and Legislative Agenda – A Comparative Perspective

Molnár Csaba-Boda Zsolt: The role of interpellations and the dynamics of change in the agenda of interpellations in Hungary (1949-2018)

Pokornyi Zsanett: The role of executive in shaping the legislation in Hungary: a comparative approach

Kis György Márk: Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it. Improving statistical rigorousness in the Policy Agendas Project


The program of the conference is available here