7 January, 2016 - CAP Hungary at the Hungarian Political Science Review

The new, 2015/4. issue of the Hungarian Political Science Review has been published containing the introduction of CAP Hungary Project and three articles of our reserchers:

Boda, Zsolt–Sebők, Miklós: Foreword: Presentation of the Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project

Sebők, Miklós–Kubik, Bálint György–Molnár, Csaba–Szendi, Gábor: Factors of Submitting Interpellations in Hungary (1990-2014)

Boda, Zsolt–Patkós, Veronika: "Political Governance" as Reflected by the Media and Policy Agendas, 2010-2014

Böcskei, Balázs: Overhead Reduction: Policy Change as Political Innovation